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  • George Wallpaper - Ashley Woodson Bailey
  • George Wallpaper - Ashley Woodson Bailey
  • George Wallpaper - Ashley Woodson Bailey
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George Wallpaper

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I’ve bought every single issue of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle since I was 12.  Not once did I have a subscription because it always came later than when it was delivered to the store.  I could never wait for those pages.  I remember layouts of the streets of New York the most.  It was 1985 when I started.  Isabella Rosselini was staring at me behind pink silk from the cover of Vogue.  This is most likely where I found my obsession with pink. The following year was when I met Cindy. Crawford.  And by meet I mean I found on the cover of Vogue.  From there it was Paulina, Tatiana, Stephanie, Naomi, Christy, Claudia, Elle, Linda.  And finally-Kate.  At the time I didn’t realize I was molding my brain with unachievable beauty.  I was simply in awe of these women and these magazines.  
I left the collection at home while I was in college but it grew, of course.  I carried them with me to Dallas, Houston, Manhattan, Brooklyn, back to Manhattan, back to Houston, Savannah, Atlanta, Austin, back to Atlanta, and finally to Jacksonville, FL.  34 years of holding on to these beauty books. Until one day I started ripping out the pages that inspired me and throwing away the rest. I began combining Kate’s face with Naomi’s body-making my own paper dolls.  I created a collection of collages with something I didn’t think I would ever give up.  
Somehow, in 34 years, I grew to finally like and accept myself and I did not need to look elsewhere to find that approval.  I still buy Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle-but not every month.  I don’t save them like I once did but I do find myself getting lost in the pages of glamour and luxurious clothing and weight loss and plastic surgery and photoshop and photography and make believe.  

The Collage Collection is a very personal, very emotional collection created by Ashley Woodson Bailey.  A percentage of the proceeds from this collection will be donated to The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation.

All wallpaper orders go directly through Ashley.  Email for a quote.  Wallpaper is $15.60 a square foot.


Wallpaper Information

  • Attributes

    • Dimensions: 27" Wide x 5 Yards Panels - Untrimmed
    • This paper option is the standard used in wallpaper industry for decades
    • Traditional paper hand-feel
    • Smooth print surface
    • Matte finish to minimize glare
    • Class A Fire-rated based on the ASTM-E84 standard testing for smoke generation and flame spread
    • Suitable for residential and low-traffic commercial locations
  • Environmentally Responsible
    • FSC Certified ensuring responsible use of forest resources certified by a third party
    • Coated with water-based, Titanium Dioxide clay coating for superior opacity and strippability
    • Made locally in the USA