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  My dear friend Sybil Sylvester is an incredible florist in Birmingham, Alabama.  We met through our flower dealer, Scott who is the best man in the flower business-he works at CutFlower in Atlanta.   Sybil was moving into a new townhome and wanted to use my Frida Indigo in...

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New Wallpaper Patterns

New patterns are here! This season, I’ve enjoyed exploring single stems, new silhouettes, and larger scales. Two new patterns in particular, “Into the Garden” and “Frida” are available in multiple colorways. In addition, you’ll find a new larger pattern for the perennial favorite, Dutch Love. On the light side, I’m loving lush...

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The Accident

So many of you don’t know the story of what happened to us a few years ago so I am going to tell you. In 2012 Brad, Woodson and I were leaving my parents home in Wimberly-the hill country of Texas. At the time we lived in Austin. I pushed...

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Bradley Showroom

I’m so proud of our relationships with our showrooms, and the trust, belief, and support they provide for this team. When Michelle Bradley asked if I’d be interested in collaborating on a showcase space in the NYC showroom, we jumped at the chance to see our patterns come to life...

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