Ashley Woodson Bailey

After a harrowing car accident left this high-profile florist bed-ridden with a broken back and shattered spirit, Ashley Woodson Bailey channeled her love of flowers into a healing new venture filled with beauty, depth and exquisite curiosity.

A self-taught photographer, Ashley's signature "florography" art prints launched in 2014. Her eponymous brand naturally expanded to include wallpapers, fabrics, and limited-edition products as her desire to live among the flowers grew. Her inaugural collection "Dark" was inspired by the transition of the flower from blossom to fading stem and the deep desire to preserve this metamorphosis as a frozen moment in time.

Each of Ashley's patterns begins with inspiration from fresh flowers. She forages, visits her floral market and partners with floral farmers to hand-select an array of blooms before studying and arranging them in her signature, wildly organic style. She captures their beauty from multiple angles over the course of several days before selecting and editing her favorite shots. As inspirations strikes, she transforms the final image into patterns, prints and limited-edition products.

She creates her "forever flowers" in Jacksonville, FL where she resides with her husband, Brad, three children, and her furry sidekicks, George, Rose and Kitty Latte. When she is not in the Southeast, you can find her frequently daydreaming about her next trip to her beloved Texas.“As an artist, I am defined fully and completely by the flower. My works are biographical, deeply intimate and one-of-a-kind, and I am on a constant quest to capture these beloved creatures in order to share their beauty with the world. I hope to create a similar connection with my clients, enjoying these “forever flowers” in their own space and on their bodies for years to come.”