Are your printed fabrics washable?

The dimensional stability and hand feel of the cloth, which is a function of the fiber content and weave, are affected by repeated washing. Some grounds perform better than others. Please email hello@ashleywoodsonbailey.com to inquire for more details.

Are your fabrics FR-rated?

None of our grounds are inherently flame-retardant. However, some may be coated after printing. We are happy to ship rolled goods to a finishing plant for coating application.

Are your fabrics recommended for upholstery?

Our linen and linen blend grounds are the best suited for slipcovers and light upholstery. However, because of the nature of ink-jet printing, our fabrics are not recommended for heavy-use upholstery. The pigment ink does not penetrate as deeply as the wetter process of screen printing. With heavy abrasion, one can wear through the surface design to the fibers below.

Can you print on commercial grade fabrics?

Yes! For fabric products, please select Midweight Cotton/Linen/Nylon Blend 8.8—this is our commercial ground. Please email hello@ashleywoodsonbailey.com to further inquire about commercial capabilities.


How much wallpaper do I need to order?

 Please note: Our wallpaper is handmade, and dye lots vary slightly. It is important to ensure you order sufficient quantities from a single dye lot. We recommend measuring the height and width of each wall, then confirming your measurements with a professional paperhanger before ordering. Or feel free to contact us at hello@ashleywoodsonbailey.com. We are happy to work through your measurements with you.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, minimum orders vary for each material. Please see details on product page for minimum order information.

How long will it take to receive my wallpaper?

Lead time for all fabric and wallpaper orders is approximately 4–6 weeks prior to shipment. Rush delivery is available for an additional fee and subject to availability. Please email the studio at hello@ashleywoodsonbailey.com to inquire.

Can you print on commercial grade wallpapers?

Yes! For wallpaper products, please select Type II—this is our commercial ground.  Please email hello@ashleywoodsonbailey.com to further inquire about commercial capabilities.

 Do you offer custom wallpaper colors or patterns?

Certainly! Though not all patterns can be customized. Please email hello@ashleywoodsonbailey.com to inquire about availability and pricing.


Do you accept returns or exchanges?

We do not accept returns. All of our products are custom made to order, and we highly recommend purchasing samples before ordering larger goods.

If you believe your product to be defective and it has not been used or installed, please contact us by emailing hello@ashleywoodsonbailey.com within 10 days of delivery so we can review your issue. We will request written notification as well as photo documentation of damages (including original and shipping packaging) within 10 days of receiving them. After 10 days, we will no longer replace an item.

Do you offer trade pricing?

We do! Please find more information about our trade offerings here.

Can you create custom patterns or print on alternate base fabrics or materials?

We can and would love to explore this option with you. We require minimum quantities for orders like this. Please email hello@ashleywoodsonbailey.com for more information.

Do you ever have sales?

Yes, we do! Our sales are limited, but newsletter subscribers receive early access and special deals. Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page. Ashley often promotes sample and flash sales via social media. Follow the studio on Instagram and Facebook to keep an eye out!

Does Ashley teach classes or offer speaking engagements?

Ashley is not teaching any florography classes at this time. You can inquire with the studio about scheduling or attending any upcoming speaking engagements by emailing hello@ashleywoodsonbailey.com. We also recommend signing up for our newsletter to hear about upcoming events.

How did Ashley begin photographing flowers?

That’s a wild, beautiful, painful story that Ashley is happy to share. In short, Ashley was a florist for many years until she broke her back in a car accident.  Her love for flowers (and, really, her obsession with them) could not be taken away, so she began photographing the flowers sent to her by friends over the seven months she wore a back brace. Ashley will tell you anything you would like to know about how it all came to fruition! Learn more here.